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08: Mad Men Finale Review


08: Mad Men Finale Review

Christopher Bartley


I'm a huge Man Men fan and I feel like Matt Weiner and his team gave the finale its due justice. The ending, which is Don Draper's beginning is how I'd sum up the honorable spin to being an antihero with dignity. All of his problems were neatly tied in an AMC TV screenwriting bow. We still see some of his flaws shine through, but he even is a better version of those flaws than he was two seasons ago.

For instance, Don's intimate encounter with the woman who tried to take his money. The meetup is still scandalous, but his womanizing character has evolved to something a bit more on the respectable side. Not perfect, but evolving. Without a doubt, Don as changed and is changing. And his final expression in the very last scene before the closing Coca-Cola ad reflects his transformation. This series gives to a new kind of antihero.