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12: Premature Metacognition


12: Premature Metacognition

Christopher Bartley


One of the connections I've made while finishing my research paper is that a premature development of the highest-ordered thinking about yourself is what leads to the feeling of shame. Imagine you have an insatiable desire for eating, but instead of being identified as a chef in the making, your prescribed as obese. Whether true or not, with enough people supporting that story of your own identity, and with you never even considering the notion of being overweight, you shamefully try to defend yourself—most likely to no avail.

I'd go as far to propose that shame doesn't come from what you've done as much as it is from who you perceive yourself as at that moment and moments to come. For example, do you feel embarrassed when you trip on the sidewalk? If so, it's probably because you and/or your onlookers told yourself a defeatist narrative. Clumsy, can never get it together, not aware of your surroundngs, etc.

The Antihero Journey was designed to assist in developing your metacognitive ability and realign your past objectively, which will create a level of healthy self-esteem to begin living a meaningful present.