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Letter 012 - On Shame Reversal


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Letter 012 - On Shame Reversal

Christopher Bartley

My Fellow Antiheroes!

It has been such a long time since I've added any new content to this site. Where have I been?! Well, after my idea of writing personal letters to other antiheroes, I started buckling down and focusing on graduating from school. I spent most of waking hours devoted to writing my research paper for the production project related to this antihero initiative.

Good news: I graduated! And I also took on a full-time position at one of the major non-profits in NYC because it related to this work. I never thought I'd see the day where I'd choose full-time employment by another company. This work, however, is closely related to the idea of shame, as I now assist individuals with mental illness reenter the workforce.

The work also led me to reflect on how shame creates mental illness for many of us antiheroes. So I decided to apply to NYU's EDCT doctoral program to further my research. Speaking of research, I wanted you to see what took up so much of my time last year. I believe this document is just the beginning of the antiheroic research and discoveries to be made in the future.

Until I get a computer (after graduation, I gave mine away to another student who needed one), I won't be able to publish new PDFs or ebooks to the Books page or make any edits to any pages for that matter. So here are the Dropbox links below for my preliminary research on shame reversal. Hope you find it useful.

Reversing Shame: PDF Download

Reversing Shame: ePub Download

Here's to a fertile antiheroic year.