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Letter 010 - Radio


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Letter 010 - Radio

Christopher Bartley

Dear Antero,

You might’ve noticed I’ve been spending more time on the new Radio page lately. Guess what I found out? The Radio and Tools pages have been the most visited over the past week! This might suggest you’re more engaged with the audio media (probably because I’ve been uploading content almost daily), as you’re looking for realistic, tangible ways to manage shame and reinvent yourself (coming soon on the Tools page).

I wonder, if my letters were more frequent, whether or not they’d have the same effect. Or perhaps it's not frequency but the content itself? I haven’t created an official content strategy just yet, because I’m still experimenting with different ways to distribute new content to help us live a life of meaning again.

I'm looking forward to seeing how useful the radio content will be for us. It'll be a mixture of brief teachable moments ("Shortwraves") and reactionary segments of just audible sounds ("Street Level") that will strive to capture antiheroes on the streets as I experience them. For now, both Shortwrave and Street Level tracks will be unscripted, unrehearsed, and hopefully daily.

Since this isn't a podcast yet, maybe dropping a note here in the Letters section will update you guys who have RSS feeds. Or perhaps this is where subscribing becomes more useful? Maybe. But I understand that anonymity is still important for many of you, so I'll find a way to appropriately address that. Hope you enjoy the new page!