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Humbler Beginnings


Read letters from an antihero

Humbler Beginnings

Christopher Bartley

Dear Antihero,

When I first started this initiative, I had ambitious goals. Establish a 501c3. Create a premium membership with a full-stack eLearning curriculum. Design a product line of personal development cards. Publish an ebook. Align the antihero brand with my officially registered trademark with the USPTO to build credibility.

But as I began to focus on landing pages, slide deck presentations and content marketing techniques, I slowly forgot why I started in the first place. It wasn't to monetize subscriptions. But the idea of having a "ministry” double as a sustainable source of income was attractive. So I poured every waking hour into this.

I felt like I still had something to prove to everyone. I needed to validate why I left home. I wanted to create a rags to riches story. I felt compelled to persuade others I was worthy of executing this idea. But I’m coming back to the roots of why I started.

This isn’t about memberships. And in order to express that, I must strip away the free v. paid content, email automation series signups and just provide what you need— a simple, quiet space to heal.

This isn't a site for community. It’s a place for personal restoration. And if we all happen to come together at the same time consistently, then I suppose one day we could call this a tribe. But for now, the “circle” isn’t a group of misfits, but an identity threshold you must cross to be restored.

I will eventually accomplish those ambitious goals. But a friend reminded me I have to demonstrate that people care about this purpose before bringing it to the public in all its glory. And perhaps it should never be developed for great exposure. Not every hole-in-the-wall boutique needs to be a chain store. A thriving cubbyhole is more valuable than a foreclosed mansion. And a plain, workable truth more than an elegant, abstract theory.

So here’s to an even humbler beginning. I hope this place will help provide the healing you need.