If you've got any stories of triumph or need a word of encouragement along the journey, send a message. We antiheroes must stick together.


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Dear Antihero,

You're here because you're looking for an answer. Maybe half-expecting a message of doom. But I won't encourage self-sabotage. Here's the reality: It's not too late. You can still be who you were called to be. You messed up badly. I did too. You're not alone in this. My public shaming experience kept me trapped for almost four years and it took a stint of homelessness to realize I wasn't alone either.

I've met men who've been trapped for 20+ years. Maybe that's you. Here's the beauty of restoration: It's timeless. You still have time. And this is a place where you will embrace your new identity as antihero. You will become the arrogantly gifted misfit who was forcibly humbled and now recovering from a humiliating past to live an honorable present. I'll teach you how. And we'll learn together.

Find the woods.